James  Titchmarsh


Publications with Professor Nelson:

76 Steve  Bartlett , Christian  Einzinger , David  Glowacki , Ben  McKeever-Abbas , Sarah  Murrison , Adam  Nelson , James  Titchmarsh and Stuart  Warriner , "Remarkably slow rotation about a single bond between an sp3-hybridised carbon and an aromatic ring without ortho substituents", Chem. Eur. J. 2009, 15, 2185-2189
Keywords: "Diversity-oriented synthesis"

50 Blandine  Clique , Jackie  Colley , Alan  Ironmonger , Adam  Nelson , Peter  Stockley, James  Titchmarsh and Ben  Whittaker , "Synthesis of a library of stereo- and regiochemically diverse aminoglycoside derivatives", Org. Biomol. Chem. 2005, 3, 2776-2785
Open Access Version - provided courtesy of the RSC
Keywords: "Stereochemically diverse libraries" "Chemical Genetics"

35 Mark  Anstiss , Joanne  Holland , Adam  Nelson and James  Titchmarsh , "Beyond breaking the mirror plane: The desymmetrisation of centrosymmetric molecules as an efficient strategy for asymmetric synthesis", Synlett 2003, , 1213-1220
Keywords: "New strategies for asymmetric synthesis" "Natural product synthesis"

Research areas

Chemical Genetics

Stereochemically diverse libraries