Dr  Steve  Bartlett

Steve Bartlett graduated with a first class MChem degree from the University of Leeds in 2000; his degree involved a year in industry working in a medicinal chemistry group at Smithkline Beecham.  He remained in Leeds for his PhD, working with Adam Nelson on a novel project ‘Synthesis, Conformational Studies and Biological Activity of Bis(indolyl)maleimide Cyclophanes’.  Steve won the Cohen prize within the School of Chemistry for making the most important contribution in his PhD to knowledge in Chemistry.

Steve then moved to the University of Bath to a post-doctoral position with Dr James Dowden in the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology.  He generated and screened libraries of compounds, in forward chemical genetic assays with zebrafish embryos, to identify novel proteins involved in developmental biology.

Steve has since returned to Leeds and is involved in both sides of several exciting interdisciplinary projects.

Publications with Professor Nelson:

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Keywords: "Diversity-oriented synthesis"

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Open Access Version
Keywords: "Stereochemically diverse libraries"

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Keywords: "Stereochemically diverse libraries" "Chemical Genetics"

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Open Access Version - provided courtesy of the RSC
Keywords: "Stereochemically diverse libraries"

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Open Access Version - provided courtesy of the RSC
Keywords: "Stereochemically diverse libraries" "Chemical Genetics"

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Open Access Version - provided courtesy of the RSC
Keywords: "Stereochemically diverse libraries" "New strategies for asymmetric synthesis"

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