Lorna  Farnsworth

Lorna graduated from UMIST with a first class degree in Chemistry with Industrial Experience. After a short spell in the finance sector, she began a PhD at the University of Leeds focussed on the directed evolution of new catalysts for synthetic organic chemistry. Lorna was supported by BBSRC and is jointly supervised by Dr Alan Berry and Professor Nelson.  Lorna now works as an enzymologist for Proctor and Gamble.

Publications with Professor Nelson:

61 Alan  Berry , Lorna  Farnsworth , Adam  Nelson , Gavin  Williams and Thomas  Woodhall , "Creation of a Pair of Stereochemically Complementary Biocatalysts", J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2006, 128, 16238-16247
Keywords: "Stereochemically diverse libraries" "Directed evolution"

Research areas

Directed evolution

Stereochemically diverse libraries