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Daniel graduated with a MChem degree from the University of East Anglia in 2001, incorporating a final year project under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Cammidge, investigating the solid-supported synthesis of water-soluble porphyrins. Following this he undertook PhD studies under the joint supervision of Dr. Robert A. Stockman and Prof. Robert A. Field with CASE support from Millennium Pharmaceuticals UK on the synthesis of chiral vinyl-aziridines and their potential in the synthesis of more complex skeletons.

In July of 2005 Daniel joined the Nelson group and is investigating methods toward the total synthesis of the natural product Hemibrevetoxin B.  Daniel then moved onto a project concerning the diversity-oriented synthesis of natural product-like compounds.  Daniel moved onto a postdoctoral position with Huw Davies' group at the University of Buffalo, State University of New York, USA, in May 2008.

Publications with Professor Nelson:

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Open Access Version - provided courtesy of the RSC

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Open Access Version
Keywords: "New strategies for asymmetric synthesis"

Research areas

Diversity-oriented synthesis