Chloe  Townley

Chloe graduated from the University of Bradford with a first class MChem degree in Chemistry for Forensic Science in 2016. She spent her final year working for Solvay (Halifax) as a process chemist. Chloe also undertook a summer research placement under the supervision of Dr Richard Bowen and Dr William Martin, funded by the British Mass Spectrometry Society, which focused on the assignment of the 3-OH epimers of the pentacyclic triterpenes, oleanolic and ursolic acid, utilising positive mode atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation.

Chloe's PhD is based on the development of novel and diverse molecular scaffolds which exploits the area of lead like chemical space, and is supported by AstraZeneca for an EPSRC case award studentship.


Research areas

Diversity-oriented synthesis

Stereochemically diverse libraries