Dr  James  Clayton



James graduated from the University of Manchester in 2007 with a MChem degree in Chemistry. His final year research project was supervised by Prof. Jonathan Clayden on the synthesis of Atropisomeric tertiary aryl amides. James continued to study at Manchester with Prof. Jonathan Clayden for a PhD, on the carbolithiation of aryl oxazolines. James joined Prof Anna Mapp's Lab at the University of Michigan in 2011 as a Postdoctoral Research Associate and developed a depside natural product total synthesis, routes to unnatural amino acids, and irreversible inhibitors of transcriptional protein-protein interactions. In Feb 2015, James joined the Marsden group co-supervised by Prof Steve Marsden and Prof Adam Nelson as a Postdoctoral Research Associate. He was developing new routes to innovative libraries as part of the EU's €196M IMI project, the European Lead Factory. He has now taken up a Marie Curie fellowship at the University of Oxford.