Jacob  Masters



Jacob graduated from the University of Leeds with a first class MChem Medicinal Chemistry degree in 2015. His final year project was supervised by Dr Robin Bon, and focused on the development of chemical tools to identify the binding site of TRPC channel modulators.

Jacob’s PhD was supported by a University Research Scholarship and AstraZeneca, and involved the implementation of organocatalysis into the Activity-Directed Synthesis platform.

Publications with Professor Nelson:

140 Samuel  Liver , Jacob  Masters and Adam  Nelson , "Function-driven Discovery of Bioactive Small Molecules", Chemical and Biological Synthesis: Enabling Approaches for Understanding Biology 2018, , 138-152
Keywords: "Diversity-oriented synthesis"

135 Anthony  Aimon , Philip  Craven , Mark  Dow , Andy  Eatherton, Daniel  Foley , Tuomo  Kalliokoski, George  Karageorgis , Hugues  Lemoine, Steve  Marsden , Jacob  Masters , Remy  Morgantin , Martin  Ohsten, Didier  Roche , Nicolas  Ruiz-Llamas and Anthony  Willaume, "Realisation of small molecule libraries based on frameworks distantly related to natural products", Org. Biomol. Chem. 2018, 16, 3160-3167
Keywords: "Diversity-oriented synthesis"