Chris  Cordier

Chris Cordier graduated in 2003 from the University of Leeds with a first class BSc(Hons) degree in Chemistry and Pharmacology, receiving the Elaine Hare Three Year Prize awarded for the best performance of any third year chemist.  During his degree, Chris interned at the Gray Cancer Institute synthesising and evaluated in vitro novel inhibitors of an enzyme which is over-expressed in hypoxic tumours.  Following his degree, Chris carried out a summer studentship under the supervision of Prof. Adam Nelson synthesising a diverse library of aminoglycosides sponsored by GSK.
Chris began his Wellcome Trust Prize Ph.D Studentship in 2003 on the Molecular Basis of Biological Mechanisms, run by the Astbury Centre. His foundation year included research projects in Biochemistry (with Prof. M. McPherson), Chemical Biology (with Prof. P. Stockley) and in Chemistry (with Prof. A. Nelson). In his PhD, Chris prepared a diverse library compounds with "privileged" natural product-like motifs.
Chris secured a prestigious Herschel Smith postdoctoral fellowship in organic chemistry, and he works in close association with Professor Ian Paterson FRS at the University of Cambridge.

Publications with Professor Nelson:

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Open Access Version - provided courtesy of John Wiley and Sons
Keywords: "Chemical Genetics"

Research areas

Chemical Genetics

Diversity-oriented synthesis

Stereochemically diverse libraries