Dr  Darren  Tomlinson

Darren is the group leader of Leeds's Biomedical & Health Centre BioScreening technology group.

Publications with Professor Nelson:

113 Alex   Breeze , George   Burslem , Thomas  Edwards , Hannah  Kyle , Adam  Nelson , Jonathan  Stott, Darren  Tomlinson , Stuart  Warriner , Kate  Wickson and Andrew  Wilson , "Exploration of the HIF-1alpha/p300 binding interface using peptide and adhiron phage display technologies to locate binding hot-spots for inhibitor development", Mol. Biosys. 2015, 11, 2738-2749
Keywords: "Chemical Genetics"

102 Sandra  Bell, Jackie  Bond, Julie  Higgins, Heather  Martin , Ewan  Morrison, Adam  Nelson , Darren  Tomlinson and Stuart  Warriner , "High-Content, High-Throughput Screening for the Identification of Cytotoxic Compounds Based on Cell Morphology and Cell Proliferation Markers", Plos ONE 2014, 9, e88338
Keywords: "Chemical Genetics"

Research areas

Chemical Genetics