Claire  Crawford

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Claire Crawford was the top science graduate from the University of Glasgow in 2003.  She graduated with a first class MSci degree which also involved an industrial placement at GSK's Stevenage site.  Claire is supported by EPSRC and AstraZeneca, and her PhD has involved an industrial placement at the AstraZeneca Avlon site near Bristol.

Claire's PhD project is concerned with a total synthesis of the natural product, Hemibrevetoxin B.  She has focussed on the development of synthetic methods for introducing the A, B and C ring systems of the natural product.

Claire Crawford won first prize at the 2006 SCI Postgraduate Symposium (North).  Claire won the Cohen prize within the School of Chemistry for making the most important contribution in her PhD to knowledge in Chemistry.  She started work as a Senior Scientist in Process Chemistry at GSK (Stevenage) in January 2007. 

Publications with Professor Nelson:

59 Claire  Crawford , Adam  Nelson and Ian  Patel , "Development of an Approach to the Synthesis of the ABC Ring System of Hemibrevetoxin B", Org. Lett. 2006, 8, 4231-4234
Keywords: "Natural product synthesis"

Research areas

Natural product synthesis

New strategies for asymmetric synthesis