Rong  Zhang

Rong graduated with a first class MChem degree from the University of Southampton in 2013.  She spent 6 months of her final year on placement with Vertex Pharmaceuticals at Milton Park, Abingdon, as part of their lead optimisation team.  Rong’s third year project was conducted under the supervision of Professor David Harrowven and focused on the synthesis of the natural product Riccardin D, an anti-fungal agent.
Rong's PhD was supported by the EPSRC, and her project concerned the synthesis of shape-diverse fragments.  She moved onto a position as a development chemist at Aptuit near Oxford.

Publications with Professor Nelson:

114 James  Firth , Richard  Foster , Rachel  Guilleux, Tuomo  Kalliokoski, Steve  Marsden , Remy  Morgantin , Adam  Nelson , Stuart  Warriner and Rong  Zhang , "Exploitation of the Ugi-Joulliť reaction in the synthesis of libraries of drug-like bicyclic hydantoins", Synthesis 2015, , 2391-2406
Keywords: "Diversity-oriented synthesis"

Research areas

Stereochemically diverse libraries