Nicole  Timms

Nicole was a BBSRC-funded student who is based on Alan Berry's laboratory.  Her project concerned the directed evolution of carbohydrate processing enzymes.  Nicole moved on to a position with Imperial Consultants.

Publications with Professor Nelson:

97 James  Ault , Alan  Berry , Adam  Nelson , Arwen  Pearson, Anna  Polyakova , Nicole  Timms , Chi  Trinh and Claire  Windle , "Structural insights into the recovery of aldolase activity in N-acetylneuraminic acid lyase by replacement of the catalytically active lysine with gamma-thialysine by using a chemical mutategenesis strategy", ChemBioChem 2013, 13, 474-481
Keywords: "Directed evolution"

92 Alan  Berry , Adam  Daniels , Adam  Nelson and Nicole  Timms , "Directed Evolution and (Semi-) Rational Design Strategies for the Creation of Synthetically Useful, Stereoselective Biocatalysts", Comprehensive Chirality 2012, , in press
Keywords: "Directed evolution"

Research areas

Directed evolution