Dr  Paolo  Tosatti



Paolo graduated in chemistry with honours from the University of Genoa in 2007 which involved a final year project on the diversity and complexity-oriented synthesis of heterocyclic scaffolds via multicomponent reactions, under the supervision of Prof. G. Guanti.

Paolo was supported by a grant from EPSRC (£600k) held by Steve Marsden and Adam Nelson.  His project involved the development of new methods for the synthesis of arrays of potentially bioactive molecules, and involved major collaboration with GSK.  This grant enabled the synthesis of libraries of bioactive molecules, an area which is key to the development of Chemical Genetics at the University of Leeds. 

Paolo moved on to a postdoctoral position with Professor Andreas Pfaltz at the University of Basel.  He currently holds a position as a research scientist at Novartis (Basel).

Publications with Professor Nelson:

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Keywords: "Diversity-oriented synthesis"

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Keywords: "Diversity-oriented synthesis"

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Keywords: "Diversity-oriented synthesis"

Research areas

Chemical Genetics

Diversity-oriented synthesis