Dr  Ieuan  Davies

Ieuan was awarded a first class MChem degree by the University of Oxford in 2002. During his final year project he studied N-allyl group mediated intramolecular aglycon delivery under the supervision of Dr. Antony Fairbanks. He joined the group of Prof. Ben Davis for his DPhil, remaining in Oxford and St. John’s College. His DPhil studies, funded by the EPSRC, involved the synthesis of iminosugar based enzyme inhibitors formed by nucleophilic additions to cyclic polyhydroxylated imines.

Ieuan was involved in a major interdisciplinary project concerned with the directed evolution of a family of enzymes for the synthesis of complex oligosaccharide analogues.  Ieuan was supervised by Dr Alan Berry and Professor Nelson, and was supported by the BBSRC.

Research areas

Directed evolution