We are always interested in recruiting talented new PhD students.  Please feel free to informally email me to find out about current opportunities.  Formal applications for a PhD position may be made through the School of Chemistry's postgraduate admissions office; details of the applications procedure may be found here. Professor Nelson is also a named supervisor on the Astbury Centre's PhD programmes, including the Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD programme which supports outstanding UK, EU and international students; for studentship opportunities in the area of chemical biology, click here.  For students, especially those with a BSc degree, wishing to 'discipline hop' to Chemical Biology, do consider our taught MSc in Chemical Biology.

Postdoctoral opportunities within the group will be widely advertised.  European Citizens interested in applying for a Marie Curie fellowship should contact me by e-mail; I am extremely interested in supporting such applications.  Anyone else interested in applying for their own postdoctoral funding please contact me by e-mail.